Programming a CICS-DPL-COBOL application & setting up the region.

DPL (Distributed Program Link) enables a Local CICS program to issue a EXEC CICS LINK to a program in the remote CICS region which return control to the calling program. DPL provides the below advantages for a CICS application. It allows a non OS390/zOS application to use DL/I, SQL, BDAM and VSAM files owned by […]

Prepare, Compile, Define, Install, Execute a CICS (COBOL) program

Here I’m trying to cover the necessary steps to Prepare, Compile, Define and Execute a CICS COBOL program, Technically there no difference in Link edit, Define, Install and Execute a COBOL program and the programs prepared in any other languages such as Assembler, C/C++, PL\1. But yes there is difference in compiling object codes.   […]