String and Unstring

Today we are are gonna discuss the String and Unstring statements of Cobol. These statements are used for concatenate or parse a string/or characters. These statements are utilizing Identification division to get the desired results. these statements will remove the multiple instances of delimiter character.All the embedded spaces will be treated as a single space. […]

IBM Mainframe–Payroll Project

Are you looking for mainframe projects?, then this is the right place for you. Right now I have 2  Projects  ( Mainframe projects with Source code ) coded with COBOL, have utilized LE xml service and GDGs. you might be able to tune these projects, so please post your valuable comments and snippets. This is […]

File handling in PL/1

Steps in PL/1 file program. Define File Open the file Read File Process the data till end of file. Close the file. Define File( Declaring a file in PL\1) Record in the data set are referenced by the file name in PL\1File name can be 1-8 characters long.E.g. DCL user_file file input record env(F recsize(80));dcl […]


IEBCOPY is a dataset utility which used to copy or merge members between Partitioned datasets (PDS) or Partitioned datasets Extended (PDSE), fully or partially. Common uses of IEBCOPY 1. Copy selected or all members of one PDS  into another. 2. Copy a Partitioned dataset into a unique sequential format known as “ Unloaded Partitioned dataset” […]

Line Sequential File support in Enterprise Cobol.

  IBM has added the support for the input and output of line sequential files to Enterprise COBOL. This allows a Cobol program running in mvs to use data stored in zOS/ Unix/HFS file (HFS – Hierarchical File System, is the is the system used to support z/OS UNIX) Line sequential Files contain only characters(DISPLAY) […]