Prepare, Compile, Define, Install, Execute a CICS (COBOL) program

Here I’m trying to cover the necessary steps to Prepare, Compile, Define and Execute a CICS COBOL program, Technically there no difference in Link edit, Define, Install and Execute a COBOL program and the programs prepared in any other languages such as Assembler, C/C++, PL\1. But yes there is difference in compiling object codes.   […]

DSNTIAR & DSNTIAC–SQLCA formatter for Batch & CICS

We must check for the SQLCODE before we issue commit on a table in DB2, handle the errors- Display description or whatever. handling/remembering reason for each and every sqlcode every time is a time pressing task always. There is DSNTIAR and DSNTIAC comes in picture. DSNTIAR and DSNTIAC are two assembler routine which helps to […]

Submitting Batch JOB( JCL) from CICS Online program.

How do we submit JCL’s from CICS Online program?, we can use a TDQ or CICS SPOOL Verbs. So how these CICS SPOOL Verbs differs  from  TDQ?. The problem with TDQ is that in most of the sites, application developers are not authorized to create TDQ (its sysadmin task ) , not that much flexible, […]


When we are using the DB2 in our applications we can only have one row of data at a time. So what we will do if we don’t know which row exactly we need?, what if we have more than 1 row to work with? well the answer is “CURSORS”. Cursor is used when more […]


Have you ever felt bored by using the old screen swapping methods in mainframe(Swap n/n+F9/SWAP)?  or have you ever wonder why IBM cannot make something similar to multi-tabs in your favorite web-browser? well the answer is yes we do have something similar to that. When IBM released z/OS 1.10 back in 2009, they introduced a […]

Demystifying COMMAREA

Well COMMAREA its not a mystery anymore, it’s a very simple, convenient method to transfer data in CICS environment. You can use COMMAREA in a RETUN, XCTL or LINK. Called program can alter the data in the passed COMMAREA, then it will be passed to caller when called program issue a RETURN. How to use  […]


Hi folks, I could see the folds on you forehead. I can understand what you are thinking while reading the heading “Sorting table! its not required because we have sort utilities to do this”. But trust me there can be situations in CICS-COBOL program. Few days back one of my friend contacted me to get […]

Online project with COBOL and Rexx

Hi guys, I got one real-time processing project with COBOL and Rexx. This project is using ISPF services to invoke the load module. we say this is an ultra mini project, since we do not have any complicated code or operations in it. Since we are invoking the load module dynamically (using ispf services), we […]

Setting MAXCC in JCL using IDCAMS

Day to day programming life we will face a lot situations where we need to set MAXCC or return code of JCL whether conditionally or unconditionally. There a are lot of possible ways to do achieve this when we execute program like (set return-code in Cobol, set RC in REXX etc..). but what we will […]

Steps in a COBOL-DB2 Program

When I started exploring DB2-COBOL programs over internet,  I realized that we haven’t got a lot of tutorials for Cobol-db2 programs over there. So I thought I can share some of my programs with all of you. My Cobol-DB2 program is very small, but it could help us to understand the structure, how to compile, […]