Free Mainframe user ID.

I’m not sure how many of you are aware about this.

You can access Fandezhi mainframe system for your Mainframe skills development, there is no hidden charges to use it (Read bellow comments), yes its completely free.

efglobe/Fandezhi Mainframe is a virtual Mainframe and running on zOS 1.6 ADCD (Application Developers Controlled Distributions). The latest release of zOS is 1.13 but zOs 1.6 is more than enough for practicing. I’m not willing to talk about the virtualization of Mainframe.


Make sure you will not create some random user ids and run any infinite loop Programs on fandezhi mainframe. It is closely monitored by the admins and you may be banned from using dezhi mainframe if you do so. The mainframe system is for people who wants to do the the things which are not possible at their work. Its so sad that the system is misused by a bunch of training center from India and that affects the complete system performance and other users. being a Dezhi MF user I‘ve personally experienced this. Again Make sure you don’t do the same.

Also read the comments from fandezhi system Admin Prino.

All you need to have to use fandezhi/efglobe mainframe is

  • Get zOS credentials
  • Get a terminal emulator Program
  • Configure Terminal Emulator program and connect to efglobe mainframe

1. Get zOS Credentials

Go to efglobe/fandezhi mainframe support site using the below link

Click on apply for new TSO ID, you will get the below screen


fill in your desired TSO ID, your name and your email id, then click on submit. After a while you will get an email with the TSO ID/Password and the Mainframe host IP etc.

As you see in the mainframe support site, you can

  • Apply for TSO ID.
  • Find you TSO ID (if you forgot yours)
  • Reset your ID
  • Renew your ID
  • Delete your ID
  • Disconnect your ID, if you disconnected from Mainframe by mistake and not able to login back.

2. Get a Terminal Emulator Program

I personally recommend IBM Personal communications, but it comes with a price tag. You can buy it (its really worth the money and its rich in features). If you prefer cheap/free you can get one of these

Once you download the terminal emulator go ahead and install it.

3. Configure your Terminal Emulator program and connect to efglobe Host Mainframe.

If you are using IBM Personal communications then click on “Connections>Configure” and click on “link parameters”, then enter the host IP address you received on you email or you can use and port 23.


In addition to this you can configure keyboard and graphics (if you want to use GDDM), since we all will be using different Terminal emulators I’m not going to cover it. Click on ok and connect to the host.

Here is the efglobe/fandezhi TSO Logon Page. You can use TSO, CICS, NETVIEW, NVAS and AOF. IMS will be working in this zOs configuration.


That’s it, you know how to go from here. Try it. Let me know if you get any problems while logging in.


11 thoughts on “Free Mainframe user ID.

    1. Hello Shibu,
      Have they discontinued this free mainframe access? It dont work anymore.
      Could you please suggest any other free mainframe accesses


  1. Hi shibu

    Since sterday I am not able to login in to the site. I have also applied for new TSO id. But I did not receive any reply. Could you please help?

  2. I couldnt login to the TSO ID….Should we have any standard of keeping the name….IF so …send me some examples….and I m not able to get a Unique id today..Because the id is not working for me which i had created yesterday…

  3. Hi,
    My friend has tried to apply at DeZhi Mainframes account. But he didn’t get any confirmation email. Suddenly the account was closed and banned. He tried to find help but there was no help available, no email address to which one send questions for help for setting up an account. His intention was to practise Mainframe. But by some mistake things got messed up. Instead of helping people, there were left alone.

    I and he are dam angry about this. So to all people don’t trust this “DeZhi Mainframes” Systems and don’t support them financial. It is fraud and those mother fuckers are criminals. Even I was frist thinking to donate 150 Euros but thank god I didn’t do so. Let them go to hell with there fucking system.

  4. Hi,
    You give a positive feedback about this Dezhi Mainframe.
    What I don’t understand is, that I can not get any support service and even ask them why they have re-acted in the way they do. All of the sudden your user-id for TSO is not Authorized. God knows why? No comment, no warnings.
    I have the impression, either this service is illegal or the administrator act insane. From today of tomorrow you user-id get deactivated and you don’t know what you have done wrong. If I don’t get any response for this posting, I will do my level best to spread negative publicity and even inform FBI that some criminal and illegal services are provided by you. Think about it.

  5. Dezhi Mainframe Service, is the most unprofessional and chaotic Service provider with a behavior similar to that of the psycho terrorist. How can one understand and interact with those people without having the chance to send them an email. No email address, no phone number, no complain Webpage on the site. Who the fuck should understand what is going on in their minds.

  6. When i am trying to login into tso the below error message i am getting,
    IBM closes the connection
    What dose it mean? and how to resolve the issue

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