Get ready for zOS Version 2 release 1

The next zOS update (Version 2 release 1) is coming in 2013 September. There are many new cool features added to zOS 2.1. The new zOS requires IBM System z9 or higher hardware to run. Read more about zOS 2.1 at IBM page.   Technorati Tags: IBM zOS 2.1,zOS download,Mainframe operating system. what is […]

Submit or Retrieve Jobs with FTP / Alternative For Remote Job entry (RJE)

This post is about an alternative for remote job entry, you can use the TCP/IP FTP service in zOS and a Shell/command prompt to retrieve, List, and submit Jobs to Mainframe. Basic Commands used in this article FTP                   – To start FTPOpen remore_system_ip – To connect to host via FTPQUOTE site filetype=JES     – Connect to […]