Programming a CICS-DPL-COBOL application & setting up the region.

DPL (Distributed Program Link) enables a Local CICS program to issue a EXEC CICS LINK to a program in the remote CICS region which return control to the calling program. DPL provides the below advantages for a CICS application. It allows a non OS390/zOS application to use DL/I, SQL, BDAM and VSAM files owned by […]

Prepare, Compile, Define, Install, Execute a CICS (COBOL) program

Here I’m trying to cover the necessary steps to Prepare, Compile, Define and Execute a CICS COBOL program, Technically there no difference in Link edit, Define, Install and Execute a COBOL program and the programs prepared in any other languages such as Assembler, C/C++, PL\1. But yes there is difference in compiling object codes.   […]

Submitting Batch JOB( JCL) from CICS Online program.

How do we submit JCL’s from CICS Online program?, we can use a TDQ or CICS SPOOL Verbs. So how these CICS SPOOL Verbs differs  from  TDQ?. The problem with TDQ is that in most of the sites, application developers are not authorized to create TDQ (its sysadmin task ) , not that much flexible, […]

Demystifying COMMAREA

Well COMMAREA its not a mystery anymore, it’s a very simple, convenient method to transfer data in CICS environment. You can use COMMAREA in a RETUN, XCTL or LINK. Called program can alter the data in the passed COMMAREA, then it will be passed to caller when called program issue a RETURN. How to use  […]