Have you ever felt bored by using the old screen swapping methods in mainframe(Swap n/n+F9/SWAP)?  or have you ever wonder why IBM cannot make something similar to multi-tabs in your favorite web-browser? well the answer is yes we do have something similar to that.

When IBM released z/OS 1.10 back in 2009, they introduced a new ISPF keyword called “SWAPBAR”, which will display all the active logical session names at bottom of the screen, these session names will be POINT-AND- SHOOT enabled; so that you can simply point your cursor to the session name which you want to pull up and then press the Enter key. Entry for your current session will have an asterisk ( * ) at the first character’s position. If the list is bigger than the width of your 3270 screen then a “>” or “<” will be displayed, you can then scroll through the list by pointing your cursor on “<” or “>” and hit Enter or hit F10/F11.

You can turn SWAPBAR off by entering “SWAPBAR OFF”.



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  1. Just to add to with the use of SWAPBAR command. You can also name your screens, with the help of keyword : SCRNAME _____ ( type whatever name you want to give to your screen).

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