Get ready for zOS Version 2 release 1

The next zOS update (Version 2 release 1) is coming in 2013 September. There are many new cool features added to zOS 2.1. The new zOS requires IBM System z9 or higher hardware to run. Read more about zOS 2.1 at IBM page.   Technorati Tags: IBM zOS 2.1,zOS download,Mainframe operating system. what is […]

Submit or Retrieve Jobs with FTP / Alternative For Remote Job entry (RJE)

This post is about an alternative for remote job entry, you can use the TCP/IP FTP service in zOS and a Shell/command prompt to retrieve, List, and submit Jobs to Mainframe. Basic Commands used in this article FTP                   – To start FTPOpen remore_system_ip – To connect to host via FTPQUOTE site filetype=JES     – Connect to […]

Installing and configuring 3270 Terminal emulator in Mac

Step 1. Download 3270 client for MAC OSX Download tn3270 from here – . When I’m writing this article the latest version of tn3270 is 3.3b6 (beta). It worked perfectly in my 2012(mid) Macbook pro Retina display. Step 2. Mount the dmg and open the disk in finder. Step 3. Copy tn3270x Application file […]

Declare numeric field with More than 18 Digits in Cobol

Have you ever wondered about the 18digits maximum limit of Numerical variable declaration (PIC 9(18) ) in Cobol? Well you can override it in Enterprise Cool, or in other words if Language environment (a.k.a LE) is available at your shop. The Language environment is introduced back in 2000 by IBM, which is a common application […]

Setup FTP from Mainframe to Non-Mainframe Method III

Using Microsoft IIS –FTP (Internet Information Services As I Promised beginning of this series, here is the third method to transfer files from Mainframe to non Mainframe (Windows) . I have used Windows 7 X64 professional Operating system on my laptop and Internet Information Server 7.5. You could also read other methods I’ve written about […]

Setup FTP from Mainframe to Non-Mainframe –Method II using Bat file

Here is another method with which you can transfer files from Mainframe to a windows Machine. To use this method you need to have a .Bat file and a file with list of files need to be transferred and valid Mainframe credentials. You could also read other methods I’ve written about FTP’ing files from IBM […]

Setup FTP from Mainframe to Non-Mainframe –Method I using Filezilla server on Windows

In this series, I’m going to cover the methods used for FTPing files from Mainframe to Non-Mainframe Platform.  Initially I’ll cover the processes to FTP from Mainframe and later I’m planning to cover the advanced topics like Secure FTP and FTF Methods. The biggest Challenges while FTPing file from Mainframe are In Mainframe Files are […]

Programming a CICS-DPL-COBOL application & setting up the region.

DPL (Distributed Program Link) enables a Local CICS program to issue a EXEC CICS LINK to a program in the remote CICS region which return control to the calling program. DPL provides the below advantages for a CICS application. It allows a non OS390/zOS application to use DL/I, SQL, BDAM and VSAM files owned by […]